*Companies with an asterisk are prior investments.

Aardvark (acquired by Google)

San Francisco, CA

Aardvark is a new search service that leverages Internet communication tools and your expanded circle of friends to speed you answers to subjective queries, when opinion is more important than hard facts.


San Jose, CA

Acelio is building a revolutionary new product to enhance application performance in software defined data-centers.


Sunnyvale, CA

Actel is dedicated to becoming the field programmable gate array (FPGA) provider of choice. Actel is the world's leading supplier of FPGAs based on antifuse technology.


Actional Corporation (acquired by Progress Software)

Mountain View, CA

Actional Corporation is the leading provider of SOA enablement solutions. Actional addresses the specific challenges of securing, deploying and managing service-oriented environments, from early Web services projects to enterprise wide SOA initiatives.

Acumos* (acquired by Cirrus Logic)

Austin, TX

Cirrus Logic is a premier supplier of high-performance analog circuits and advanced mixed-signal chip solutions. The company's products, sold under its own name and the Crystal product brand, enable system-level applications in mass storage, audio, and precision data conversion.


Milpitas, CA

Adaptec, Inc. is the market leader with host I/O, RAID and CD recording software products that transfer, manage, and protect data.



Mountain View, CA

Adara offers consumer brands the ability to serve new and existing customers using advanced precision-targeting technology powered by data sourced from the world's leading travel and hospitality companies. Adara has partnered with many of the world's largest airlines, hotels, and travel distributors to help them monetize their website data while protecting consumer privacy, personal information and purchase data. Adara's partners gain new revenue streams and the ability to deepen customer relationships through highly targeted marketing programs. Adara's unparalleled access to first-party data combined with proprietary technology enables advertisers to execute and optimize highly effective display, mobile, video, and social media ad campaigns.


Redwood City, CA

Adchemy is revolutionizing the world of online customer acquisition. Adchemy is the first company to truly combine data on the Web with advanced scientific algorithms to give marketers powerful products designed to increase qualified users and reduce acquisition costs.

Alibre (acquired by 3D Systems)

Richardson, TX

Alibre Inc. offers Alibre Design, an interactive design application built for the Internet, which provides 3D mechanical design, real-time collaboration and data sharing and management. The online, CAD-neutral environment of Alibre Design enables companies to securely share precise design data -- reducing costs, shortening manufacturing cycles, improving productivity and driving quality.

Alta Devices

New technology for high efficiency solar energy

Atheros Communications (acquired by QCOM)

Sunnyvale, CA

Atheros Communications is the leading developer of networking technologies for secure, high-performance wireless local area networks. As the industry innovator and market-share leader in wireless OFDM technology compliant with the IEEE 802.11 specifications, Atheros is driving transparent connections among electronic devices in the office, home and on the road.


Chicago, IL

AvantCredit provides online consumer loans between $1,000 and $10,000 to near-prime customers. AvantCredit uses state-of-the-art analytics methods, utilizing hundreds of distinct customer attributes including credit, social and user action data, in order to offer its lowest possible interest rates to the widest range of customers. AvantCredit is licensed and regulated on a state by state basis.

Be (acquired by Palm)

Mountain View, CA

Developed the Be operating system for digital media applications.


San Mateo, CA

Beckon redefines how companies manage, measure, and optimize marketing spend and performance across all channels. Beckon’s SAAS platform gives the world’s best brands visibility and insight into what’s working and what’s not, and enable them to beautifully communicate the business impact of everything marketing does.

Bill.com, Inc.

Palo Alto, CA

Bill.com is a web-based service that automates tedious, time consuming bill workflow, bill payment, and business document filing tasks while keeping all of your information synchronized with popular accounting systems.

Blippy, Inc.

Palo Alto, CA

Blippy is a social network where people share and discuss the things they buy. Blippy's mission is to build community around everyday purchases, making them more meaningful and useful.


Milpitas, CA

Broadlogic is a fabless semiconductor company focused on providing advanced System-On-Chip solutions that perform as advanced wideband receiver front-ends for digital Set-Top Boxes, Cable Modems, PVRs, Home Gateways, Home Media Centers and Game Consoles.


Bubbli provides spherical photographs.

Cobalt Networks

Mountain View, CA

Cobalt Networks, which was acquired by Sun Microsystems (SUNW) in November 2000, was a pioneer in the network server appliance market. Cobalt's business has become the core of the Server Appliance Business Unit of Sun Microsystems. It delivers fully integrated server appliances that offer turnkey services easily, reliably and cost effectively.

Compaq Computer*

Houston, TX

Compaq develops and markets hardware, software, solutions, and services, including industry-leading enterprise computing solutions, fault-tolerant business-critical solutions, enterprise and network storage solutions, commercial desktop and portable products and consumer PCs.


Crystal Decisions (acquired by Business Objects)

San Jose, CA and Paris, France

Crystal Decisions was a leading business intelligence software provider that was acquired by Business Objects in 2003.


Cygnus Solutions (acquired by Redhat)

Durham, NC

Cygnus Solutions was a leading open-source software support and custom engineering company that was acquired by RedHat in January 2000


Devicescape Software

Brisbane, CA

Devicescape Software is a leading supplier of software for wireless device manufacturers and service providers.


Mountain View

eCommerce provider for prescription eyeglasses using virtual fitting technology.


San Mateo, CA

DNN provides a suite of solutions for creating rich, rewarding online experiences for customers, partners and employees. Our technology is the foundation for over 800,000 websites worldwide and our customers include True Value Hardware, Bose, Cornell University, Glacier Water, Dannon, Delphi, USAA, NASCAR, Northern Health and the City of Denver. In addition to our commercial solutions, DNN is the steward of the DotNetNuke Open Source Project.

Done Right! (Acquired by LendingTree)

Pasadena, CA

Launched in 2004, Done Right! currently maintains online home improvement professional service directories across the nation. The little orange book was first introduced in San Diego in 2005, then Denver, Houston, Dallas/Fort Worth and Chicago were also added in 2007. Since that time, the Done Right Directory® has added 33 markets across the US, bringing the total to 38.

Eat Club

San Francisco Bay Area, California

EatClub – Uses excess capacity at local restaurants to provide individual lunch selections for office workers at their desks.


San Francisco, CA

Ebates is a next-generation Internet shopping portal, which gives its members cash back when they shop online.

Encentuate (acquired by IBM)

Foster City, CA

Encentuate is an enterprise access security company. Their mission is to help enterprises simplify, strengthen, and track access across their digital assets and physical infrastructure.


Enuvis (acquired by SiRF)

South San Francisco, CA

Enuvis, which developed GPS technology for wireless carriers and mobile equipment manufacturers, was acquired by SiRF in 2003.

Evite (acquired by IAC)

Pasadena, CA

Evite is an online invitation service that was acquired by the Ticketmaster division of InterActiveCorp.

Frame Technology* (acquired by Adobe)

San Jose, CA

Founded in 1982, Adobe Systems builds award-winning software solutions for Web and print publishing.


Genoa (acquired by Finisar)

Milpitas, CA

Genoa, which developed semiconductor technology for optical telecommunications, was acquired by Finisar in 2003.



Gigwalk is the world's largest on-demand mobile workforce, giving enterprises access to 300,000 smartphone-enabled people who can get work done in any location and at any time.

Grand Junction Networks* (acquired by Cisco)

San Jose, CA

Grand Junction Networks (acquired by Cisco) CSCO
Location: San Jose, CA
Cisco Systems is the worldwide leader in networking for the Internet.


Santa Monica, CA

Gravity is building the internet’s Interest Graph by enabling people to come together around shared interests and engage in meaningful conversations.


San Francisco, CA

Guru combines the right mixture of science, technology, and human interaction, to deliver objectively qualified talent better, faster, and at a dramatically reduced price compared to traditional staffing firms.


Kirkland, WA

Inrix addresses the need for nationwide, real-time, predictive traffic information across a variety of platforms, devices and distribution channels.

Integral Ad Science

New York, NY

Integral Ad Science is a provider of actionable advertising intelligence data for buyers and sellers of digital media. Since launching the industry’s first preventative brand safety solution in 2009, Integral has evolved into a global media valuation platform that is essential to the buying and selling of quality media. Integral focuses on a comprehensive solution set that enables advertising to appear in quality environments and receive favorable exposure — while the sell side can monitor and control its quality and performance. Integral’s technology drives improved visibility, efficiency, and ROI for players across the digital media landscape.

Intuit *

Mountain View, CA

Intuit is the leader in e-finance, including financial software and Web-based services.


Iridigm Display Corp. (acquired by Qualcomm)

San Francisco, CA

Iridigm Display Corporation produces revolutionary reflective displays for a variety of mobile device applications. Iridigm was acquired by Qualcomm in 2004.


Jaxtr (acquired by Sabse Bolo)

Menlo Park

Jaxtr has become the world's largest social communications company. Over 10 million people in 220 countries use jaxtr to receive calls from people visiting their social networking pages, to make calls to their friends and family worldwide and to get to know fellow jaxtr members on café jaxtr, the world's largest talk network.

Listen (acquired by Real Networks)

San Francisco, CA

Listen is the leading independent music service provider that creates, bundles, and distributes world-class content and media delivery applications online. Listen's primary product, Rhapsody, is the only service that seamlessly integrates high-fidelity on-demand playback, professionally programmed Internet radio, rich contextual music information, and extensive editorial recommendations into a single application. Listen was acquired by RealNetworks in 2003.


Bellevue, WA

Livemocha is the world’s largest language learning community, with millions of members from over 200 countries. Livemocha is redefining language learning, with interactive online courses that use simple social networking with native language speakers to provide tips for improvement.


Redwood City, CA

LiveOps is the global leader in cloud contact center and customer service solutions. More than 300 companies around the world trust LiveOps’ technology to enable effective multichannel, social and mobile interactions with their customers. The award-winning LiveOps Platform also manages operations for the largest US-based cloud contact center of 20,000 home-based, independent agents.

Luminate, Inc. (formerly Pixazza)

Mountain View, CA

Luminate (formerly Pixazza) generates incremental revenue for companies by "visual commerce enabling" the images directly on their web site.


Pasadena, CA

Luxtera is developing breakthrough photonics products. The company's technology is rooted in Caltech developments in the field of nanophotonics: optical structures an order of magnitude smaller than those traditionally used in integrated optical devices.


Magnum Semiconductor

Fremont, CA

Magnum Semiconductor is a spinout of the Cirrus Logic Video Division which pioneered MPEG video recording and enables high volume, affordable DVD Recorders.


MainStreet Networks *

MainStreet Networks is a market innovator in supplying on-premise gateway systems, applications and services to rural electric cooperatives, municipal utilities, and other energy service companies.


Mavenir Systems

Richardson, TX

Carrier grade next generation IP based messaging infrastructure for 4G/LTE deployments.


Memolane is a digital platform collecting and connecting your activity on the Internet.


Mountain View, CA

MetroFi is a wireless broadband provider building community area networks that change the landscape of broadband access. MetroFi leverages Wi-Fi standards to deliver affordable "go-anywhere" broadband services.

Microdisplay Corporation

San Pablo, CA

Microdisplay Corporation develops, manufactures and markets low cost, high-performance, single panel Liquid-Crystal-On-Silicon displays.


Microsoft *

Redmond, WA

Founded in 1975, Microsoft (Nasdaq "MSFT") is the worldwide leader in software for personal and business computing.


Mimosa Systems (acquired by Iron Mountain)

Santa Clara, CA

Mimosa Systems provides immediacy, discovery & continuity for enterprise information. Mimosa combines fine-grained, immediate recovery with self-service archival access for messaging and similar data, leveraging cost-effective disk technologies. Mimosa NearPoint for Microsoft Exchange unifies data protection, mailbox extension and archiving in a single solution, assuring email continuity and regulatory compliance.


MMC Networks* (acquired by Applied Micro Circuits)

Sunnyvale, CA

MMC Networks, the pioneer and market leader of the Network Processor industry, architects, designs and markets high-performance, open-architecture, software-programmable Network Processors optimized for networking applications.


NeoPath Networks (acquired by Cisco Systems)

Santa Clara, CA

NeoPath is developing an enterprise-class layer 7 multi-protocol NAS switch that aggregates independent NAS servers and provides advanced manageability features to the overall NAS storage system.



San Jose, CA

NetCell is a storage semiconductor company.


Netopia *

Alameda, CA

Netopia, Inc. is a market leader in providing small, growing organizations with their Internet presence, including high-speed DSL connectivity solutions and new generation web site services.


NetPulse, Inc.

San Francisco, CA

Netpulse, Inc., is a media and data services company focused on delivering dynamic, interactive products and experiences to active-lifestyle consumers.  Netpulse delivers a personalized media experience that makes exercising more enjoyable and rewarding. Netpulse media products, which are available through exercise equipment in fitness centers, home fitness equipment, and through mobile applications, provide advertisers with direct one-on-one access to a highly engaged audience that is difficult to reach through traditional media.

Nomis Solutions

San Bruno, CA

Nomis Solutions' mission is to develop, implement and support price optimization software solutions that create sustainable improvements in profitability for companies within the financial services industry.


Notiva (acquired by Oracle)

San Mateo, CA

Notiva is developing enterprise software to optimize the financial supply chain. With Notiva's software, enterprises with high transaction volume will be able to better manage AR and AP, while gaining greater visibility into their trade relationships and the flexibility to optimize the economics of those relationships.



Developing the next big thing in accessible, massively multiplayer online games.

Open Garden

San Francisco, CA

Open Garden provides mesh networking technology through it's application FireChat.

Openlane (acquired by KAR)

Mesa, AZ

AutoTradeCenter provides web-based software, technology and related services to the automotive remarketing industry. Core AutoTradeCenter services are online auctions and related support; statistical analysis, forecasting and predictive modeling; and related consulting, training and remarketing support.

PacketTrap (acquired by Quest Software, Inc.)

San Francisco

PacketTrap provides affordable enterprise class network and application management software that improves performance across our customer's most complex networks. PacketTrap's flagship solution, PacketTrap Perspective, provides IT professionals with a 360 degree view of their single and multi-site networks and allows them to manage and maintain their infrastructure from a single interface.

Paperless Post

New York, NY

Paperless Post is the leading platform for creating and managing custom invitations and cards online and on paper. The company has grown to be the category leader in valued social communication online, sending over 100M custom invitations, cards and save the dates for important life events since launch.

Paradise Electronics (acquired by Genesis Microchip)

San Jose, CA

Paradise Electronics, a developer and supplier of graphics IC's was acquired by Genesis Microchip (GNSS) in 1999.


PayCycle (acquired by Intuit)

Palo Alto, CA

PayCycle is a small business payroll ASP. PayCycle dramatically reduces the complexity and cost of payroll management for accountants and their small business clients.


Palo Alto

PayNearMe enables consumers to pay conveniently with cash for a wide variety of goods and services from leading companies in e-commerce, direct response and catalog marketing, consumer finance and beyond at a local store, starting with more than 6,000 7-Eleven stores across the United States.

Postini (acquired by Google)

Redwood City, CA

Postini develops and markets email services, including automatic virus detection and junk mail screening, to enterprises and internet service providers.

PrintPaks (acquired by Mattel)

Printpaks designed arts and crafts software and supplies for children.



Redwood City, CA

PubMatic provides premium publishers a real-time media selling platform for managing revenue and brand strategy.  PubMatic’s platform combines real-time bidding (RTB), the most comprehensive brand protection tools, unified optimization and audience insights as well as hands-on support to serve the world’s leading publishers.

PulseCore Semiconductor (acquired by ON Semiconductor)

Campbell, CA

PulseCore Semiconductor is a fabless semiconductor company focused primary on PLL based clock synthesizers, fanout buffers, and spread spectrum EMI reduction. www.pulsecoresemi.com



Quandl is the leading platform for numerical data on the Internet. The company’s mission is to make numerical data easy to find and easy to use, for everyone. Quandl offers data consumers a single comprehensive source for all their numerical data. Using Quandl’s unique data-parsing technology, consumers can get the precise data they need in the precise format they want, irrespective of where, how, when or in what format the data was originally published. For data producers, analysts and developers, Quandl offers a convenient, easy-to-use and efficient cloud service to store, share and manage their numerical data, alongside powerful data-handling tools and a robust API. For data vendors, Quandl offers the widest distribution of any sales channel, with access to millions of data buyers and a simple, transparent pricing model.

Quantum *

Milpitas, CA

Quantum Corporation is the world's leading storage supplier in five of the seven markets it serves.


Radlan Computer Communications (acquired by Marvell)

Santa Clara, CA

Radlan, which developed routing-based embedded software and network applications, was acquired by Marvell in 2003.

Reconnex (acquired by McAfee)

Sunnyvale, CA

Reconnex is the leader in information monitoring and protection appliances designed for any organization that wants to protect its brand, maintain compliance, or secure sensitive information. Reconnex's simple-to-deploy appliance delivers accurate detection while protecting an enterprise before, during, and after any threat to corporate privacy or intellectual property. A privately held company based in Silicon Valley, Calif., Reconnex protects information for over one million users today. www.reconnex.net


San Francisco, CA

Neighbor-to-neighbor carsharing.


Redwood City, CA

Services that protect online reputations.

RetailNext (formerly BVI Networks)

San Jose, CA

Business analytics SaaS platform providing actionable insights for optimizing brick and mortar store performance.


Philadelphia, PA

From customer acquisition to customer support, RJMetrics helps you make smarter decisions with your data.


Rocket Lawyer

San Francisco, CA

Rocket Lawyer is a complete online legal service that provides affordable legal documents and attorney consultations for any legal situation. Helping 6 million families and 2 million businesses, Rocket Lawyer is the most widely used legal service in the world.


Chicago, Il.

Rocketmiles was founded to get frequent fliers on vacation faster. The platform enables consumers to earn massive frequent flier mile incentives when booking rooms at high-quality hotels. For hotels, Rocketmiles means being able to offer premium customers inventory that would have otherwise gone unsold — without weakening the brand through public discounting.

Samba TV

San Francisco, CA

Samba TV is a leading provider of television analytics and cross screen advertising.

SAY Media, Inc. (formerly VideoEgg)

San Francisco

SAY Media is a modern media company, the evolution of VideoEgg as it continues its mission to make online advertising better. SAY Media helps advertisers engage today’s social consumer through rich content experiences while helping creators monetize their work and grow their audiences. The company connects paid and earned media to deliver brand messages to an online audience of 345 million across display and mobile.


Santa Clara, CA

Scintera is pioneering a new paradigm in high frequency signal processing.   The demand for ever higher bandwidths and spectral efficiency presents the need for complex signal processing at high speed and low power.  Scintera’s team is commercializing their Gigahertz Signal ProcessorTM platform, a breakthrough technology that changes the rules of complex signal processing. Implemented in standard CMOS, Scintera’s platform performs analog signal processing at the RF carrier frequency enabling lower power, cost and complexity.


Seagate Technology

Scotts Valley, CA

Seagate is the world's largest manufacturer of disk drives, magnetic discs and read-write heads, and a leader in Storage Area Network (SAN) solutions.


Sequence Design *

Santa Clara, CA

Sequence Design develops, markets and supports interconnect-driven design solutions that unleash the power of advanced semiconductor processes.


Shopping.com (acquired by eBay)

Brisbane, CA

Shopping.com, the leading shopping search engine and the fifth largest shopping service in the world, is made up of the combined entities of Epinions and Dealtime.

Silicon Architects* (acquired by Synopsys)

Mountain View, CA

Synopsys, Inc. is the leading supplier of electronic design automation (EDA) solutions to the global electronics market.


Silicon Image

Cupertino, CA

Silicon Image (SIMG) provides semiconductor solutions that, among other applications, enable the all-digital connectivity between computers and digital flat panel monitors.


Six Apart (acquired by SAY Media)

San Francisco, CA

Six Apart Ltd. is the company behind the Movable Type publishing system and the TypePad personal weblogging service. Six Apart's sole focus is to create tools that enable millions of individuals, organizations and corporations to participate in the web's full potential by publishing their ideas on the Internet with simple, yet powerful software and services.


Santa Clara, CA

SkyPilot Networks is a leading provider of carrier-class broadband wireless equipment that enables service providers, municipalities, and public safety agencies to rapidly deploy cost-effective network services, including last-mile Internet access, voice over IP, Wi-Fi hotspots, video surveillance, and other wireless applications. The SkyPilot solution utilizes a patented multi-hop point-to-multipoint architecture that synchronizes high-gain directional antennas to extend reach, mitigate interference, and maximize spectral efficiency. The result is a highly scalable, reliable, and deterministic broadband wireless network that simplifies design, increases deployment flexibility, and dramatically reduces equipment and operating costs. SkyPilot has proven scalability and reliability with over 35,000 units shipped to customers in over 50 countries.


Richmond, Virginia

SnagAJob is the world’s only company totally devoted to fulfilling the dreams of hourly workers and those who employ them. SnagAJob has an online community of over 25 million hourly workers, and helps them live more fulfilling lives by finding right fit positions quickly and easily—while also providing other support services to meet their unique needs. SnagAJob helps employers create better workplaces through efficient and effective talent sourcing, as well as a suite of integrated management tools that make it easier to assess, select, hire, manage and train their hourly employees.

Splunk Technology

San Francisco, CA

Splunk Technology is building a disruptive new approach to managing IT infrastructure.


Stratus Computer *

Maynard, MA

Stratus Computer offers the world's most proven range of continuously available computer platforms, application solutions, and professional services for mission-critical business operations.



StumbleUpon helps you discover and share great websites. As you click Stumble!, we deliver high-quality pages matched to your personal preferences. These pages have been explicitly recommended by your friends or one of 6 million+ other websurfers with interests similar to you. Rating these sites you like, automatically shares them with like-minded people – and helps you discover great sites your friends recommend.

Summit Microelectronics (acquired by Qualcomm)

Campbell, CA

Summit designs and develops semiconductors that manage the power functions in communication systems equipment that forms the backbone of the networking and Internet infrastructure.


Sun Microsystems *

Palo Alto, CA

Sun Microsystems is a leading provider of industrial-strength hardware, software and services that power the Internet.



SuVolta is developing low power CMOS semiconductor technology.




Swoopo is an internet company with a unique, worldwide business model. We are the creators of “Entertainment Shopping“ on the internet, and, one of the first companies to combine e-commerce and entertainment.

Sybase *

Emeryville, CA

Sybase is one of the largest global independent software companies. Sybase helps businesses integrate, manage and deliver applications, content, and data anywhere they are needed.


Symantec *

Cupertino, CA

Symantec is a world leader in Internet security technology that provides content security solutions to enterprise organizations and helps companies manage and support workforces that use laptop computers and other mobile devices.



San Francisco, CA

Technorati provides search and notification services for active content on the Internet. Technorati monitors over 1.8 million sources (weblogs, RSS) with over 10,000 new sources added each day.

Tegile Systems

Newark, CA

Hybrid HD/SSD storage appliances simplified from the ground up to optimize storage deployments, manageability and licensing.


Cupertino, CA

Telocity is a telecommunications services company providing Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) service that can be self-installed by end users.


San Jose, CA

Single platform of advanced device identification and malware detection to prevent data Breaches and online fraud.

Tickle (acquired by Monster)

San Francisco, CA

Tickle (formerly Emode) is a member services company that fulfills the consumer's need for connection to friends and family with data-driven services centered on the individual. Attracting more than 3 million members strictly through word of mouth, Emode has quickly become a model for successful viral marketing. Tickle was acquired by Monster Worldwide in May of 2004.


San Francisco, CA

Topica provides turn-key solutions for email newsletter publishers, from multinational media companies to individuals publishing news about a hobby or interest.


Seattle, WA

Trumba is creating a new type of calendar service -- the connected calendar -- that connects all the different aspects of our users' lives -- work, family, community and fun--into one easy-to-use and access calendar, and keeps people connected to others through the events they share.

Tumbleweed Communications (acquired by Axway)

Redwood City, CA

Tumbleweed is a leading provider of advanced messaging solutions for business communications.

TZero Technologies

Sunnyvale, CA

TZero is a fabless semiconductor company developing chips for ultra-wideband communications.



Mountain View, CA

 Ubicom is developing low-cost embedded microprocessors and software platforms for embedded communications applications.

Unity Semiconductor

Sunnyvale, CA

Unity is developing next-generation memory technology.


Urban Airship

Portland, Oregon

Urban Airship’s solutions streamline the creation, delivery and management of highly targeted cross-platform mobile push messages, in-app messages, rich app pages, Apple Passbook passes and Google Wallet cards. With billions of messages and tens of thousands of passes delivered each month, Urban Airship’s technology sparks exceptional consumer experiences, drives app engagement and increases customer loyalty and lifetime value for the world’s largest retail, media, entertainment, sports, and travel brands.

ValiCert (acquired by Tumbleweed Communications)

Mountain View, CA

ValiCert is a software and services company that enables trust and interoperability of digital certificate applications. ValiCert was acquired by Tumbleweed Communications.


Virsto Software

Sunnyvale, CA

Virsto developed an entirely new type of storage solution for the unique needs of virtual servers.

Visio * (acquired by Microsoft)

Redmond, WA

Microsoft is the worldwide leader in software for personal and business computing.



Toronto, Canada

More than 30 million people have joined Wattpad, making it the world’s largest community of readers and writers. People use Wattpad to connect with each other while they discover and share millions of free stories. Wattpad stories are available in more than 50 languages and can be read or written from any phone, tablet, or computer.


WePay helps group collect and manage money.

Xilinx *

San Jose, CA

Xilinx is the leading innovator of complete programmable logic solutions, including advanced integrated circuits, software design tools, predefined system functions delivered as cores, and unparalleled field engineering support


Thousand Oaks, CA

Xirrus is the leader in Switching Without Wires™. Xirrus' long term sustainable differentiation is based upon RF innovation. This focus on RF innovation (specifically RF isolation, management, and shaping) has enabled us to develop the Wi-Fi Array based architecture that delivers more coverage, bandwidth, throughput, and support for more users on a per device and per system basis far and above any other offering. The Wi-Fi Array platform (HW and SW) and the patents that protect it have successfully "positioned" Xirrus as the only viable replacement for wired Ethernet to the desktop for the enterprise moving forward.


Seattle, WA

Zulily is a members-only sale Web site offering daily limited-time deals for moms, babies, and kids