Andy Rappaport

Andy is a partner in the first five August Capital funds. Prior to the raising of August Capital VI in 2012, he decided to begin his retirement from the venture capital business. Although Andy maintains an active role in the management of our prior funds and with his portfolio companies, and remains an advisor to our new funds, he is no longer making new investments for the firm.

Prior to joining August Capital in 1996, Andy was involved in the formation and success of more than a dozen venture capital-backed start-ups, including Actel (ACTL), MMC Networks (Acquired by AMCC -- AMCC), Sequence Design Automation, Silicon Architects (acquired by Synopsys --SNPS), Transmeta (TMTA), and Viewlogic (Acquired by Synopsys -- SNPS).

In addition, Andy was president of The Technology Research Group, a Boston-based strategy consulting firm he founded in 1984. Through this firm, he provided business-strategy counsel to senior executives at many of the largest electronics companies around the world, including Alcatel, AT&T, EDS, IBM, and Intel.

Before starting TRG, Andy was Senior Editor of EDN Magazine; a research physicist with Panametrics, Inc.; and founder and president of his own consumer-electronics company. He was also a founder of the Massachusetts Center for Technology Growth, a private economic-development organization; and a director of the Massachusetts Microelectronics Center.

Andy is an often-cited authority on changing technologies and markets and has written and lectured extensively on the evolving structures of semiconductor, computer, and telecommunications industries. He co-wrote "The Computerless Computer Company," which won the 1991 McKinsey award for Article of the Year in the Harvard Business Review. Andy attended Princeton University, but holds no degree.

With his wife, Deborah, Andy endowed and runs the Rappaport Family Foundation, which promotes civic engagement and social justice among the young and disenfranchised in the US. He is also an avid guitar player and fine-art photographer. His photography can be seen at

Current Board Affiliations: Alta Devices, Conexant, SuVolta (fomerly DSM Solutions), Luxtera, Magnum Semiconductor and Scintera.

Previous investments: Apache Systems, Atheros Communications (ATHR), Escalade (acquired by Mentor Graphics – MENT), Genoa (acquired by Finisar - FNSR), Adaptive (acquired by Metawave), Silicon Image(SIMG), Telocity (acquired by Hughes Electronics - HUGH),Wireless Online, Broadlogic, Unity (acquired by Qualcomm), and Uplister.