At August, we take venture capital personally

For over twenty years, the partners at August Capital have invested in breakthrough startups across the information technology sector. Whether you are revolutionizing wireless data transmission (Atheros) or creating the first search engine for machine data (Splunk) or rethinking subscription commerce (BarkBox), the partners at August are here to help you thrive. And we’re not just about the money. Sure, we’ve got approximately $2 billion under management. But you can get money lots of places. We’re all about helping you succeed.

We know that venture capitalists don’t build companies, entrepreneurs do. But we sure can help.

Need to recruit a great vice president of engineering? We can help. Want to raise your next round of funding? We can help. Ready for your first dozen enterprise customers? We can help. At August Capital, we think that entrepreneurship is a team sport. And we’re here to help!

  • We are a venture capital firm located in SF Bay Area and have sponsored multiple fund vintages since our founding in 1995.
  • We currently manage approximately $2 Billion in aggregate capital commitments.
  • We primarily focus on early stage investments, but also make opportunistic later stage investments which we believe have venture capital level risk/return profiles.
  • We have a diverse group of limited partners, including endowments, private foundations, fund of funds, public charitable organizations and corporate strategic investors.
  • We value engaged limited partners. We make it a priority to understand our limited partners’ missions and how our investment returns will support their long-term investment goals.
  • We have a team of investment professionals that are open-minded, creative, flexible, experienced and well-networked. We believe in serving as a resource to support and guide entrepreneurial teams as they pursue their company vision.